Home Address Changes

You now have 3 options to change your home address with Intel:
Posted December 20, 2015, updated 7/07/2016

  1. You can call the Get HR Help 800 number (1-800-238-0486) and speak to an agent in order to change your address.. Once you verify your identity with the agent on the phone, you can make the address change with the agent.
  2. You can go to Leaving Intel on the Intel website
    1. Click on the Personal Data Change Form link (under the heading Personal Data)
    2. Download the form to your computer or print the form (there are 2 pages)
    3. Complete both pages with information to verify identity and to make the personal data change
    4. Once the form is completed, submit the change request by:
      1. Attaching form to Email
      2. Scan form and Email or
      3. Mail a hard copy
    5. Scan and Email: Scan the form, attach to an email, send the email to grp_personal.data@intel.com. Personal data will be updated within 2-3 days.
  3. Or you can Mail a hard copy of the Personal Data Change Form to: 
    Intel Employee Records
    M/S: CH3-171
    5000 W. Chandler Blvd.
    Chandler, AZ USA 85226

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