Email Forwarding Details

Additional Information about Your Email Address

1) Q. Why do I need an email address?
– To help you take advantage of some discounts, your Intel Retiree Organization (IRO)
has created an email address for you to use to show that you are an Intel retiree.
The address, ending in, officially identifies and validates you as
an Intel retiree. As an example, if your current email is, your Intel retiree email address would be

2) Q. Can other people send email to me using my IRO issued email address?
– Yes, if someone uses your email address the email is sent to the Internet server that hosts the IRO website.  This server will forward this mail to the personal email address that you used when you registered with the IRO.  Assuming this email address  is still current  the email that was originally sent to your address will then make its way to the inbox of the personal email address you provided IRO.

3) Q.  Can I use my IRO issued email address to send out email?
– No.  Your IRO issued email address can only be used by someone else to send emails to you.   IRO does not provide a full mail service for its members.  We only provide a mail forwarding service.

4) Q.  Can I request a different user name than the name used on the personal email address I provided IRO?
– No.  To simplify maintenance of the forwarding system the name must be the same (but see Question 5).

5) Q. Why is the name on my IRO issued different than the name on the personal email address I provided IRO?
– For most retirees the name will be the same.  However if there is a name duplication with an existing member, IRO will need to alter the email address For example, if and are both IRO members, they would have duplicate email addresses unless one of the names was altered. We would use the for each one and send an email to you to let you know that we have created a special email address for you.

6) Q.  How do I let IRO know my personal email has changed?
– Instructions are provided on the “contact us” page of the IRO website.

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