FAQs intelretiree.com Email Redirect

Updated 10/28/16

When you sign up for membership with the IRO, within 2 weeks we will create an @intelretiree.com email address for you. New members will have the @intelretiree.com email address created either at the beginning or the middle of each calendar month.

This email address is an email forwarder to the personal email address that the retiree signed up when they joined the Intel Retiree Organization (IRO).

New registrants will be notified of their new intelretiree.com addresses by email sent to their private email address.

1.  Why do I need a @intelretiree.com email address?
The address, ending in @intelretiree.com, validates you as a member of the Intel Retiree Organization. Being a member of the IRO does not entitle you to Intel retiree benefits.  You must be an official retiree of Intel to take advantage of Intel retiree benefits.

2.  What is my @intelretiree.com email address?
You will be notified of your new intelretiree.com addresses by email sent to your private email address.

Your @intelretiree.com address is derived from the email address you used when you signed up for membership with the IRO. As an example, if Brian Beck joined IRO using the email beckbrian@gmail.com, his Intel retiree email address would be beckbrian@intelretiree.com.

If in the future, Brian Beck should change his email address to beckbrian123@gmail.com AND NOTIFIES IRO OF THE CHANGE, his @intelretiree.com email address remains the same as when he first joined IRO, beckbrian@intelretiree.com, but it will now forward any email to beckbrian123@gmail.com.

3. What do I need to do to set up my @intelretiree.com email address?
Nothing.  When you sign up for membership with the IRO, your address will be set up by IRO’s website team.  This activity is performed every 2 weeks. You will be notified when it is available.

4. Can I use my IRO issued @intelretiree.com email address to send out email?
No.  Your IRO issued email address can only be used by someone else to send emails to you.   IRO does not provide a full mail service for its members.  We only provide a mail forwarding service.

5. Can other people send email to me using my IRO issued @intelretiree.com email address?
Yes.  If someone uses your @intelretiree.com email address the email is sent to the Internet server that hosts the IRO website.  This server will forward the mail to the personal email address that you used when you registered with the IRO.  Assuming this email address is still current, the email that was originally sent to your @intelretiree.com address will then make its way to the inbox of your personal email address.

It is very important for you to keep let IRO know when you change your email address. Send this information to intelretiree@gmail.com.

6. What if this does not work for me?
Escalate to our mailbox at intelretiree@gmail.com.

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