Retirement Guidelines / Termination Codes

Updated 2/11/2016

Retirement and recording ‘reason for leaving’ in Intel’s system of record
If you retired under one of Intel’s qualified retirement programs* you will be coded ‘retired’ in Intel’s system of record. If you leave Intel prior to qualifying for an Intel retirement program you will be coded ‘voluntary termination’ (when you quit) or ‘involuntary termination’ (when Intel terminates your employment).

If you have an issue with the termination code that Intel has in it’s system of record for you, you can contact : 1-800-238-0486

* In general, you are eligible to participate in Intel’s retirement programs provided you are:

  • Employed by Intel as a U.S. employee of a participating company (includes those U.S. employees on expatriate assignments)
  • Not a member of a collective bargaining unit
  • Not a college intern or summer intern status employee
  • Not an international service employee (inpatriate)
  • Not otherwise excluded (persons not classified by Intel as employees are excluded, whether or not they are or may be common law employees of Intel)

* To meet U.S. retirement eligibility requirements, you must meet one of the following definitions:

  • Age 65—Be at least 65 years old with no minimum years of service requirement (normal retirement age)
  • 55 & 15—Be at least 55 years old and complete at least 15 years of eligible service
  • Rule of 75—Satisfy the requirements of the Rule of 75, which means the combined total of your age plus your length of service (both calculated in completed, whole years) is equal to or greater than the number 75

If you retired from a country other than the US, please contact your local HR office at Intel for information regarding Intel Retirement programs.



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